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Blowing agent is a substance which is capable of producing a cellular structure in a variety of materials

that undergo  hardening or phase transition (such as polymers, plastics, metals).

They are applied when the blown material is in liquid stage. Blowing agents include compressed gases that expand

when pressure is released, soluble solids that leave pores when leached out, liquids that develop cells when they

change to gases, and chemical agents that decompose or react under the influence of heat to form a gas.

Chemical blowing agents range from simple salts such as ammonium or sodium bicarbonate to complex

nitrogen releasing agents.

I m a g e I t e m Appearance Doage Detail
white powder 1% for low expand


Improving the contraction problems in PP.HDPE products.

The instability in dimension due to the contraction & transformation of plastic products is occurred mainly

to the several conditions - pigment, resin properties, injection condition and etc.

I m a g e I t e m Appearance Doage Detail
white powder about 1%


Flame retardant agent improves the physical properties of organic materials(like plastics), which are easy to

ignite, by various physical & chemical means, and it has an effect to restraint or mitigate the combustion.

This agent has its function by interrupting the specific combustive stages of heating, decomposition and calorification.

(The combustion of plastic is occurred when inflammables, heat, energy, O2 is existed, and the combustion

is not happned when any of them is not included).

I m a g e I t e m Appearance Doage Detail
Pale yellow liquid P content : 9.5 % Cl content : 33%

for PE film

white pellet 20 ~ 25 % Flame Retardant film


I m a g e I t e m Appearance Doage Detail

High-loading for filler

PVC leather, wall paper

light yellow liquid 1 ~ 3 % good for dispersibility

I m a g e I t e m Appearance Content E t c
Colorless and
99 % (min) Antifoaming Agent

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